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About Us


Traditionally what a business seeks from a top marketing agency is the right partner which is key to the brand’s success.


At Onuris Marketing Group (OMG), we believe in tradition. However, we also know that today’s rapidly changing markets require a combination of special expertise, strategic thinking, and uncompromising personal service that go beyond what can generally be found in a single organization.


We approach every engagement with the idea that we can’t rely exclusively on our past knowledge; that our work is not just about practice, but about discovery.


Since our commencement we have been listening and learning carefully from every client relationship. It is this spirit of learning that sets us apart, that allows us to arrive at a thorough comprehension of a company’s position, strengths, issues, and opportunities, and that enables us to be true business partners to our customers.


As a result, OMG has evolved into a full-service digital marketing organization, offering both the advantages of a seasoned consulting group – efficiency and the involvement of our Principals on every account – and the technical expertise and range of services of a national marketing firm.  It is a combination of uncompromising personal service, speacialized experience, and strategic thinking not often found in a single organization – one that allows us to be of the greatest possible value in helping our customers plan and control their destinies.


We bring common sense and all of our abilities to bear on each customer’s profitability, business potential, and financial security. We find it exciting and the results we generate are rewarding to our customers and to ourselves.



“The aim of OMG is to connect our partners to exceptional opportunities, create effective marketing trends and provide unique customer experiences through creative visions and insight to increase brand awareness and enhance the brand experience.”



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